Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Food: The Unavoidable Temptation

The holidays are here! And so are the treats, sweets and over indulgences... Le fuck.

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I am open about my struggles with healthy eating and weight loss, but this time of year sure puts my dedication to the test. Turns out, it triggers a lot of emotional eating and indulgence for many people. Whether it's at the office, the home or at a friends, I feel like healthy options show up less, but cookies are everywhere. And it's not done out of cruelness -- we bake and provide treats because we think we're being nice. We think we're sharing holiday cheer in the form of feel-good sugar. It feels good in the moment, it's just the moments afterward that are the problem. Much like any addictive substance.

So, I took a survey. I asked people young, old, of various fitness levels and cultures what is the one holiday food indulgence they can't resist. See if you spot your favorite treat here.

  • My examples: Eggnog, Kolaches and English toffee. Whenever I ate any, my stomach will hurt (weak stomach), I feel ashamed of myself for eating pure crap, but if it's in the house I can't help myself...It's my holiday bad food addiction.
  • Pumpkin lattes, so sugary and calorie filled but I just cant resist. Another is sweets, I usually don't go for them because I like savory over sweet but around the Holidays I definitely indulge!
  • Beef jerky, I know it's weird but I let myself eat it all Christmas long. It's my favorite!!
  • Mostly any kind of cookie, or I really can't get enough of these double baked mashed potatoes (so not healthy, but so delicious) and real polish sausage and sauerkraut. ..yum
  • Eggnog
  • Pasta, pasta, pasta!!! Mmmm
  • Holiday cookies! Especially kolaches
  • For sure egg nog. If I buy it I'll drink the whole thing! And our families recipe for potato chip cookies, so yummy. Once you pop you can't stop!
  • Eggnog!! I can't keep it in the house, I'd start sipping, then guzzling. Peppermint bark is also a weakness. OH! And obscenely priced eggnog lattes at Starbucks. Ugh.
  • Hmmm I don't know if I have a specific thing...I have a weakness for all sweets.
  • I'm really bad for cookies. There is no way I could ever leave a plate of any kind of cookies for Santa. But chocolate chip is my guilt...especially one of those triple chocolate varieties you can get at the store. Its already precut. You just bake 15 minutes and eat: Eggnog is meh. Cake. Meh. Pie. Meh. Peppermint or candycanes or bon bons or any other candy....meh men meh
  • Christmas cookies. I will eat every single kind (besides gingerbread) until they're GONE! I'm so grateful for sweater weather!
  • My holiday weakness is homemade banana pudding. I eat it even though I KNOW that I'm going to be in pain shortly after. I've went so far as to ask my mother not to make it because I don't have the willpower to avoid it. Thanks.
  • Mashed potatoes are everywhere and I never say no! With gravy or bacon and cheese.
  • My vice is Christmas cookies... the frosted sugar ones that are in the shapes of things. I can't pass 'em up.
  • Pffernusse cookies from Trader Joe's (This is Capricorn's and I am adding it for him)

cookies, holiday cookie, christmas cookie, christmas, sweets

Survey says: The cookie wins. Sugar is king. Out of all surveyed, most people cited holiday cookies (I usually think sugar cookies) are the hardest treat to pass up. I agree, as seeing them on a counter triggers me to want one... or seven.

holiday cookie, kolaches, cookies
My favorite cookie: The kolache... and no one can agree how to spell it

What I propose to do about it: Green drinks and/or wheat grass. I know green drinks and juices seem like a big fad, but they have much more credence than a grapefruit or cabbage soup diet. Take it from a person who experiences some sort of pain/discomfort after most meals: If you try one green drink a day, or mix powdered wheat grass with a glass of water, it can change the way you feel.

Capricorn bought us the fancy Ninja blender (but any Vitamix-type, or juicer will do). I mix in about a handful of Kale, baby Spinach, half a cucumber and some parsley with 2-2.5 cups of water and blend the thing together. Drink it FAST--while it will taste refreshing it's not sweet--and go about your day. You can treat it as a meal replacement or supplement. But it helps. It aids in digestion and gives me added fiber and nutrients. I am healthier, thinner and happier for it. You can come up with your own concoction, the idea is to introduce more fresh vegetables and some fresh fruit to your diet. And in their raw state for maximum nutrient absorption.

Think it sounds like bullshit? I did, too. I recently watched a Documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross, an Australian man who changed their body and health by juicing for 60 days and adopting a healthy lifestyle. It's available on Netflix and Hulu and does a much better job of explaining why vegetables are so important than I can here in this post. You can find more information and visual evidence here.

What did I miss? What's your holiday food addiction?

Happy Holidays and Healthy Eating,


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  1. This is the worst part of the year for me; not because of the holidays (oddly enough, I seem to have less issue with blowing off the sugar and snacks this time of year): because it's so stinking COLD. The -0 weather has me craving heavy, comfort foods. Mac & cheese, beef stew, casseroles, bread (OH GOD...BREAD!). I know I've gained a few pounds since Halloween: time to get back on the workout track!

    1. Warm bread with butter... Oh, Jess. You're right about the cold weather making comfort food seem that much more appealing. Ugh, damn you Midwest winters.

      Are you still belly dancing? I am working out regularly, but once the sun goes down and the temperatures drop I find it much harder to convince myself to go to the gym. Meh :(

  2. I actually do okay, because I don't like sugar cookies. They don't taste like anything. Sweet is not a flavor.
    I have a thing for pecan pie, but most (more than 90%) of pecan pie is crap, so I don't have a huge issue there, either.

    1. You are a tough cookie! (excuse the pun) But hey, you're healthier for it. I do love a good pecan pie...

  3. Good lord this post is making me hungry! I am surrounded by all this bad stuff at work and at home. We have companies sending us gift baskets of fattening holiday treats. Now we have our printer giving us a pizza party on Monday, and then we have the company office party on Thurs.

    Don't even get me started on egg nog. I love it! Especially the ones with real booze in it. Good thing I am still going to the gym to help burn off all this crap I have been eating.

    Healthy eating during the holidays? Bah Humbug!